How To Use

Signing Up as a Customer:

  1. Download GlamourMapp 
  2. Follow the application’s prompts to create an account.
  3. Set up your profile.

Requesting and Completing a Service:

  1. Select your session type – Home Session or Salon Session
    1. Home sessions are on-demand at your location (home, hotel, office)
    2. Salon sessions are scheduled for the same day at the Stylist’s salon.
  2. Select one or more services.
  3. Use the filter to select your price range and distance to view available Stylists for your requested services.
  4. Select a Stylist.
  5. If you selected a Home Session you will be provided an estimated time of the Stylist’s arrival at your location.
  6. If you selected a Salon Session you will be given the option to select an available time slot.
  7. Payments are made by you directly to the Stylist. Stylists are independent and are not employees of GlamourMapp. GlamourMapp does not process payments, please see Terms & Conditions.